Services Offered

We have several different services that we offer.


  • Adolescent Gynecology
  • Annual Exam
  • Breast Health
  • Cancer Screening and Prevention
  • Contraception
  • HPV Testing and Prevention
  • Menstrual Disorders & PMS
  • STD Screening & Treatment
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Pelvic Pain


  • Low and High Risk Obstetrical Care
  • Ultrasonography
  • Infertility
  • Preconception Counseling

In Office Procedures

  • 3D/4D Ultrasound
  • Colposcopy
  • LEEP
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Edometrial Ablation
  • Merena IUD Insertion
  • Nexplanon
  • Essure

Surgical Services

  • Cesarean Section
  • Abdominal Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal┬áHysteroscopy
  • Vaginal┬áHysteroscopy
  • Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Obstetrical Services

We provide comprehensive obstetrical care from preconception to postpartum. Our experienced staff provides general obstetric services to guide women through each and every step of their pregnancy, ensuring proper growth and development, as well as a successful delivery.

Product Information

The following are the product websites for some of the products we use.